Keycode Instructions

Key & Key Cut Code Process

1. Obtain your LSID from NASTF.
2. Logon to or using your LSID credentials and purchase your key or key cut code.

Note: Access to vehicle security information and replacement keys is
provided for security professionals registered with the NASTF (National
Auto Service Task Force) vehicle security professional registry. (LSID)
For more information visit the NASTF Web Site.

Product Availabitlity

For all 2000-2007 VW & Audi vehicles, products offered:
  • Cut Code
For all 2008 present VW & Audi vehicles, products offered:
  • Main Key Kit
You may contact a local Volkswagen or Audi dealer to purchase keys for vehicle models years 2007 and prior.

ODIS Service is required to perform key adaptions

The below instructions define the hardware requirements and registration process to utilize ODIS Service.

1.0 – Diagnostic Device Hardware Requirements

□   Windows® 7 Professional 64-Bit or Windows 10® Professional 64-Bit. 
     Note: Windows 7 support ends Dec, 2019.

□   The Volkswagen VAS 6150E laptop and VAS 6160E tablet are recommended
     and available at
     Search for Tool Number VAS6150E or VAS6160E
     Note: This tool includes the VAS 6154 Diagnostic Interface Kit.

□   Commercial laptops/tablets are authorized but should meet or exceed the VAS 6150E specifications.
     E.g.: Windows 10, 8GB RAM, Intel® Core™ i5-6300U vPro™ 2.4GHz and a 250 GB SSD.

2.0 – Diagnostic Interface Requirements

□   The VAS 6154 Diagnostic Interface kit is recommended
     and available at
     Search for Tool Number VAS6154

□   A J2534 Diagnostic Interface can also be utilized and is available
     from numerous aftermarket websites. Below are a few suggestions:

3.0 – erWin Registration Process

□   An erWin account is required to complete the ODIS Service
     Registration Process, Step 4 below. The registration is free at or Click the My
     Account Tab and complete the registration.

4.0 – ODIS Service Registration Steps

□   Logon to erWin, click the Vehicle Diagnostics & Reprogramming tab and complete the 5 Steps below.

□   Step 1 – Independent Shop Registration - $100 application fee.

□   Step 2 – Request Security Certificate – One free certificate is
     available with registration. Additional certificates are available
     for $600/year.

□   Step 3 – Obtain Diagnostic License – Free

□   Step 4 – ODIS Service Installation Instructions – Free

□   Step 5 - Purchase Diagnostic Subscription - $900/year/brand


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